Kentucky Lawyer Brings CARE to School for the Deaf

by Jan Mester

Marsha Taylor, a Jackson County Attorney, presented the CARE program at the Kentucky School for the Deaf (KSD) in Danville with trained interpreters acting as intermediaries in the classroom exchange. “Too often, these schools are overlooked for things like CARE, simply because people forget they exist,” Taylor said. “KSD has many bright young students who will have a hard enough time getting the type of information CARE offers because they cannot pick it up the way most kids do, by simply overhearing people talk over the years. These are the students who would most benefit from such a presentation.”

Important lessons aside, Taylor said her presentation was also important to her personally. “I thought it may be good for the students to see a fellow ‘deafie’ as an attorney and see that they can do and be anything they choose, just as their hearing counterparts, so long as they are willing to work hard toward their goals.”

Taylor said the CARE presentation helped the KSD students focus on the financial decisions they will be making in the near future. “They asked intelligent questions that showed they were thinking ahead and wanting to ‘do it right’, not only in the immediate future but also in the long term.”