CARE Team Challenge

Approximate Duration: 15-20 min.


This is a team challenge activity to conduct prior to the start of a CARE presentation. Students break into teams and try to generate as many unique answers as they can to a set of money-related questions. The teams compete for the most points.


Group students into teams of 4-5. Each team must generate as many answers as they can to the posed personal finance question. Every answer generated to the question earns 1 point. Teams score extra points if they have an acceptable answer that no other team has. An answer that matches any other teams’ answer doesn’t earn extra points. Answers must be appropriate in context and language. Each unique response earns an extra 5 points. Example: Team comes up with 6 answers (1 point each) and 1 is unique (an extra 5 points) = 11.

Questions can be read aloud or displayed on a whiteboard. Allow 2-3 minutes for the teams to come up with their responses. A team recorder writes down all team answers. Teams take turns reading their answers. If another team has the same answer, they call “Got it!” After all answers are read, the team adds up their points and determines how many unique answers they had. Each team member should have an opportunity to be the recorder and responder. Keep the scores and tally at the end to determine the “winning team”.


  1. What are examples of paid part-time jobs that teens do?
  2. What are some “must-haves” that most teens want?
  3. What are some typical expenses that teens have?
  4. How can borrowing money from friends cause problems?
  5. What are some bad habits that can cause teens to have money
  6. problems?
  7. What advice would you give to other teens about money?
  8. What do you see in your financial future?
  9. How can money troubles mess up your life?

Debrief this activity with the class. They could compose a paragraph about their feelings about money. What impressed them from the answers they heard? What money generalizations can they make? Let them know that a speaker will visit soon to talk about spending, saving and using credit wisely.


No materials required