Explore this page to learn about how to present the CARE Program in your community from start to finish! You’ll find everything you need:

  • presentation tips and materials
  • a presenter’s outline
  •  screen shots of pages from the CARE booklet that you can project in the classroom and
  • the full CARE student instructional booklet.

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Preparation for Classroom Presentation
Everything you need for your presentation

Classroom Resources

Some of the CARE booklet pages lend themselves to activity and student engagement. Below are a selection of these individual pages to help you focus students on the topic.

There are benefits to moving from booklet to a screen in the front of the room. You may find that students are more attentive to your presentation when they are not always looking down at the booklet. These screen shots are optional. Tailor your presentation to your style.

CARE Blueprint

Would you like to bring the CARE program to your county? The CARE Blueprint shows you step-by-step how to organize and run CARE presentations in your area.

The CARE Blueprint
Step-by-step instructions and resources for starting CARE in your county
  • Learn how to coordinate with schools
  • Learn how to organize attorney volunteers
  • Get support from the statewide CARE coordinator